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PostSubject: ----Rules----   ----Rules---- I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2015 2:24 pm

Inactivity: if you plan to go inactive for 2 or more days you must leave notice under the inactivity thread and go in to vacation mode. failure to comply with this rue will result in you immediately being kicked from the alliance

Alliance Communications system:  the alliance communications system is not meant to replace the forum. over use of the communications system can cause important messages to get buried in your inbox. abuse of your communications privilege will result in it being taken away and posible being kicked from the alliance*

Alliance Forum Chat: every one, while on line, must be in the forum chat to facilitate faster communication. failure to use the forum chat may result in getting kicked from the alliance*

Be Respectful: disrespect or leaders, as well as other members will not be tolerated and will result in being kicked from the alliance

Improper Use/Failure to Use the Forum: the forum is here for a reason. those that refuse to use the forum or make improper use of the forum will be kicked for the alliance*

*exceptions to the marked rules (*) may be make for those that play on their phones
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